ABC Show “Resurrection”

Published on April 22, 2014 by

Was it me that wrote the following back in January... “My intention is to write every two weeks with the promise to keep them short and sweet as I know your time is precious.” Well I will admit it was, and yes here it is the end of April, certainly longer than two weeks. No excuses and no more promises, just the hope to do better in the future.

So, here we go with blog number two!!

Currently I am into the new show on ABC call “Resurrection”. I started seeing the previews weeks before and was excited to watch and see what it was all about. I am sure it is obvious that I believe in life after death and that we do return time after time until we have learned our all lessons and have accomplished all that is important for the soul. So this show intrigued me! For those who are unfamiliar with it, here is a very brief synopsis; people return back to the Earth plane years after they have passed and show up at their families doorstep. Very unsettling for the families and a bit confusing for the soul that has returned.

When I first started seeing the previews I was (and still am) in the hopes that the people that are returning are coming to enlighten the world of what is really important, living a life of giving and love, not judging but accepting those around you, bringing us to a place of love rather than fear and hate. A few episodes later I am not exactly sure where it is going. I am holding faith that it won’t become a show that weaves in and out bringing forward the darker side of life but instead showing us the light. Time will tell, I know they will need a bit of dark drama in it to keep people tuning in (sorry to say), but I hope the writers use this as a forum for better, not worse.

If you have been watching the show, let me know your thoughts. If not, tune in Sunday night!

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