Are My Loved Ones Happy and at Peace?

Published on May 5, 2015 by

When working with clients I find this to be the number one question they have, it is also the answer they seem to fear the most.

So if this is a question that you find yourself pondering or even worrying about, let me calm your emotions by telling you the answer is yes, they are happy.

Once your loved ones have made the decision to allow themselves to transition to the other side they leave behind all worries, pains and anguish. They are met on the other side by the loved ones that have preceded them, both human and animals. All of their earth bound emotions and pains are left behind since our true souls know only love, there is no hate, time, jealousy or pain on the other side. We are beams of beauty and light and when we leave we connect back to that purest of love.

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With love and light!

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