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Have you ever found yourself no longer being attracted to a person who has been in your life from a short period of time to a long period of time? When you have looked at this, have you also noticed there is no real discernible reason? Nothing has really changed on the surface, the relationship is still the same, there has been no personal moves, no disagreements, no change except in the terms that you just don’t find yourself interested in spending time with them?

If this is the case, it is not you nor is it them, it is an energy shift. For whatever reason the energy in your relationship has pulled away from one another and it is okay to honor this feeling as they are probably feeling the same. If you allow, you will find the relationship will just begin to dissolve, no harsh words will be said, no hurt feelings will be felt, if you run into them in years to come you will be delighted to see them, chat and catch up for a moment or two, then once again go about your way.

There is a poem: A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime, this poem sums up why people come and go from our lives.

A REASON - there is a reason, once the reason is complete the energy shifts and relationship is done, this person could be referred to as the “godsend”.

A SEASON - because it is time for one of you to learn and grow and the season person has the experience to help the other through it.

A LIFETIME - is the teacher of life lessons and will normally be the one that you find is with you through the years, the ups and the downs, the happy times and sad times.

So if you take a look around at the people in your life, do you know where they fit?

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