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Hello, and welcome to my very first blog!!

My intention is to write every two weeks with the promise to keep them short and sweet as I know your time is precious. Some days it may be a descriptive thought or observation and at other times an explanation or teaching of this amazing other side that we are all in the midst of recognizing and accepting.

I hope that you have taken the time to read through my website. Here you will learn a bit about me, how I came to do this work, and how I do it. Also, don’t miss out on signing up for the Heavenly Messages, by doing so you will be included in the following three offers at no charge to you:

  • You will automatically be added to my Daily Energy Healing list.
  • You will receive simple steps that will help you live with abundance.
  • You will receive a weekly email of an Angel card with messages to help you with your week.

I am always open to suggestions of what you would like to read about. If you have one (or even more) please feel free to go to the contact form on the website, in the comment block write “blog suggestions” then let me know what you would like to know.

Until then, with peace and love!

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  1. Denise Gatton-Bonner

    Hi Debbie, its Denise from Lisa Tarves radio show 1-1914@ 7pm.I was your 6 caller.I just want to thankyou again for the wonderful insight you gave me.... I would love to talk more with you., My home. 1-410-844-0350 and email smileydee47@gmail.com.So give me a call or email me when you have time! Take care and thanks for the insight! With luv and light.Denise....

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