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As most of us realize, the mind is a powerful tool, one that when used correctly can create things of beauty, happiness and abundance, however, when used incorrectly can create the complete opposite. Have you ever noticed when you place focus on something and go into with patience and passion looking forward to the end result you are not only pleasantly pleased with the outcome but in some cases surprised that it superseded your original desire. Yet, at other times when not using this same patience and passion you find yourself defeated before you even start.

I had the opportunity to sit one day and watch the Monks working on a Mandala. They sat on the floor, legs crossed and bent over the Mandala for hours on end. They would fill the steel straws with different colors of sand and then slowly tap them out grain by grain creating this most vivid and spectacular scared piece of art. They sat in a place of passion, patience and spirituality that was intoxicating and the sacred chants playing within the Chapel lulled you into a place of serenity.  Afterwards when speaking with them, they were gracious and humble and thankful that people came to see them, all the while not knowing that the people watching were overwhelmed to be a part of this gift that they brought to our area.

This experience showed me exactly how powerful the mind is, and like the Monks we can choose to have inner peace and happiness as these are qualities that are not purchased, but are own in every cell of our body, It is up to us to take them out, dust them off and display them with gratitude.

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