What Is Energy Healing?

Debbie Hamilton is a certified energy healer using the following healing modalities:

REIKI: Reiki is the Japanese word meaning “Life Force Energy” also known as God, Spirit, or Chi. It is a healing technique in which the practitioner or master channels the life force energy through their body, out of their hands and into the receiver’s body. Reports from the receiver are that of calming relaxation, renewed energy and in some cases actual physical healing of relief. This life force can be given to anyone or anything including plants, food, liquid, animals, etc.

KARUNA REIKI®: Karuna Reiki means “Compassionate Action”. It is administered the same way as Reiki, however it is considered a “higher vibration”. Clients have reported that they experience all of the same sensations as during Reiki, but with more intensity in regards to relaxation and the depth of those sensations within the body.

Debbie Hamilton is a Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master. She uses what is known as a hands off method in which her hands will hover approximately 2″ over the client’s body. The client will lie on a massage table, fully clothed during the session. Debbie will also check your chakras and end each session by balancing each one of them with the use of the life force energy, stones, and crystals. Debbie also incorporates the use of essential oils and tuning forks during her healing.

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