“I was having some abdomen pains and I asked Debbie if she could do some Rieki on me. I was amazed at the result. I was pain free about a half hour later and was able to continue with my day.”
Dena (CA)


My name is Laryn Watson and I just wanted to share my recent experience with Debbie. My first love (Steve) was brutally murdered in ‘08 but I didn’t find out til the following year. From that moment a huge part of me died and I was beyond lost in the world. Through my medium reading with Debbie I was able to connect again with Steve. I got many answers to the questions I’ve had for years, received a lot of messages from him. No words will ever express how grateful I am to Debbie for connecting me with my now “Guardian Angel” and helping me heal. I’m now truly at peace in my life and have closer that I thought would never happen to me. Thank you, thank you 🙂
Laryn (MO)

I have had two mediumship readings by Debbie and every time I am astounded! During the last reading she brought forth a few family members but the most important to me during that session was my grandmother. A very moving experience! She told me things that there is no way she would have known. The messages that she gave me from my grandma were so relevant as to what was going on in my life and I heard exactly what I needed to hear to help me move forward during a particularly difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend going to Debbie to connect with family or friends that have passed on. You will NOT be disappointed, its an experience you’ll never forget!!!
Noel (CA)

I couldn’t recommend Debbie Hamilton enough for her gifts of connecting with my loved ones that have passed and her ability to communicate what is possible.  I know my own answers and it is wonderful to have that confirmed by such a qualified medium.
Tara (CA)


I had my first reading from Debbie a couple weeks ago. I was given insight on things in my life, and now find that I am able to move forward in a much clearer and positive direction.
Carl (CA)

Your skills and time shared with me was a special evening. I believe the evening with you has given me the motivation to return to what was once important to me in digging into the understanding of creation and my life’s existence and interaction with my life. Two of the cards drawn have given me “guides” noted for the strength that my husband offered before and after his death. May your skills bring you the calm and peace of understanding and the joy of sharing with others.

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